At Jackpots Systems we provide comprehensive and innovative gaming system solutions, networking for any machine.

We bring all the technological and commercial knowledge to produce physical devices, software and creative marketing that increase the capacities and impel the use of the interconnected machines to make them more profitable, clear and attractive for the player.



Our InnovaciĆ³n points are:

Engineering and design of devices, monitors and toppers.

Computer and management software, security and communications.

Graphic content and visual marketing.

Application of business analytics in the treatment of information.



So simple that surprises. If we play, let's have fun. We are in the gaming world. Our customers want to play, they want to win but above all they allwant to have fun. The game is a human desire of looking for fun, pleas ant feelings.

At Jackpots Systems we recover an idea so old and obvious sometimes forgotten in this sector.


We investigate user preferences and expectations,  We anticipate trends, deep into their satisfaction. We produce innovative ideas and apply them  to tools to create value.


The creative process involves a multidisciplinary team of engineers, designers and marketing experts that are able to harmonize imagination and design with simple, efficient and profitable working.


The quality and safety of all our innovations are homologated by BMM Labs.

In addition, all original products of Jackpots System and  software updates  updates have a 1 year warranty extendable to 3.


The entire creative and innovation process of Jackpots Systems is of its own. All rights are protected: trademarks, graphics, software and devices.



100% Innovation
100% Smart Control
100% Security
100% Performance








The JSDC system can interconnect multiple terminals regardless of manufacturer or software.


We take care of the detail, design and quality of our driver to be the best in the market.


Its universality allows you to control the IN / OUT systems of any terminal with maximum security.


Its technology allows the terminals to continue working even if any terminal is dropped from the system.


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Madrid Fair 2017

JACKPOTS SYSTEMS attended the International Fair of the Madrid 2017 Game to continue in its line of innovation and close agreements for the expansion of its products.

Madrid Fair 2017

Shows in Madrid the triple room monitor with confetti cannons.

Valencia Fair 2017

JACKPOTS SYSTEMS was present at the Fair of Valencia 2017, Expojoc, showing its new and innovative products.